Commercial services

A solar power system is one of the best businessinvestments you can make, turning highly variable energy costs into a low, predictable operating expense. Partnering with American Sunlight Solar, an industry leader in commercial solar power systems, you can build a dedicated “green power plant” for your business that will provide clean, affordable energy for decades to come. Our sleek, high-performance Solar Power System is designed for a rock-solid installation and decades of clean, reliable power.

Going solar qualifies your business for limited-time rebates and tax credits can save up to 50% on your installation costs.

American Sunlight Solar provides a comprehensive service to help Commercial Developers reduce carbon emissions from existing buildings and new developments using photovoltaics. Working alongside Energy or Facilities Managers, Sustainability Consultants and Specifiers we provide planning guidance, technical design, installation and project support to meet planning or corporate social responsibility targets.

With no moving parts photovoltaics provide one of the simplest, most reliable and cost effective ways to reduce CO2 emissions and future-proof businesses against rising energy costs. Solar is a proven and predictable technology, which provides a visual statement of corporate responsibility and has been proven to attract tenants, encourage wider energy savings and improve employee retention.

Is solar power right for your business?

Contact us for a free Solar Evaluation today, and find out how you can lower energy bills and save up to 50% on a solar power system that uses clean, renewable electricity generated by the sun!